Traveling Gavel

The Traveling Gavel or in the 12th District, know as the Galloping Gavel”  is an implement made use of to encourage Lodge Brothers to travel to other lodges thus building camaraderie and friendly rivalry between the members. This gavel still bears the brass plate from when we were the old 14th Masonic District and R:.W:. Keith Seiler was the D.D.G.M.

 The current Location of the “Galloping Gavel” is Morning Star Lodge No.94  and  below is how they obtained it on Aug. 1, 2017.

Last Location: On the first meeting in December, W:.M:. Bud Hart along with his Wardens, secretary, treasurer and 3 other brothers arrived at Dunnellon Lodge No.136 to claim the gavel. This was a very good turnout and everyone enjoyed a great meal and fellowship.  Shortly after opening the Lodge Worshipful Hart informed the Master of Dunnellon, Thomas Mazur, that they had come for the gavel.  W:. Mazur recognized that Morning Star had shown up in force and have traveled a long way as they are the furthest distance lodge from Dunnellon in district 12. He promised they would go home with the gavel. The brothers at Dunnellon  Lodge held on to it until the very last minute of the meeting. Congratulations to the brothers from Morning Star Lodge No.94  for some of them it was a first time visit to Dunnellon Lodge No. 136 !! Good job !!